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    Tashi Mannox

    High-end Dharma Jewellery

    High-end Dharma Jewellery

    Malaya Jewelry is an international high-end Dharma jewellery brand based in the Himalayan Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan.

    It was at the wish and invitation of Malaya’s founder, that Tashi’s expertise in the sacred scripts of Tibetan Buddhism, was called upon in a collaboration to create beautiful jewellery designs.

    Tashi provided  harmoniously proportioned mantras and seed syllables and worked closely to guide the design team to produce a wide range of beautiful jewellery pieces in precious metals, some of which are richly encrusted with diamonds and Sapphires.

    This is an ongoing collaboration, with exciting new jewellery items being periodically released.

    Visit Malaya Jewelry   and in particular the dozens of beautiful Tashi’s collaboration pieces.

    Mantra is manifest from enlightened beings for the benefit of us all, written in a sacred language developed for the transference of Dharma. To see, hear and speak a mantra is to connect from the mundane to the ultimate, which, through the strength of blessing, purification and protection, is imbued within the divine form and sound of mantra – therefore replication needs to be as correct and as perfect as possible in order for clear unimpeded transference. This is the definition of ‘beauty’.

    New InSilver and blue enamel hum pendent.
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