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    Tashi Mannox

    Tibetan Calligraphy course in Belgium

    Now open for booking

    Dates: From 30 July to 31 July 2022



    Learn in person the sacred art of writing the classical Tibetan Uchen script with Master Calligrapher Tashi Mannox.

    This is an exclusive opportunity over two weekend workshops in the conducive atmosphere of Samye Dzong in Brussels:

    30 – 31st of July and 1st – 2nd of October 2022

    The first foundation workshop covers the correct order and proportionate construction of the Tibetan alphabet and the four vowel signs. The second follow-up workshop covers the sub and super-scribed letters, completing this scriptural repertoire of writing Uchen.

    This course of workshops is suitable for beginners as well as those well established in writing Tibetan.

    €130 for one weekend, discount @ €220 for both weekends.

    To book this course, please scroll down below or email directly :

    Prior to the first workshop on Friday 29th of July 2022 at 8pm  there will be a talk given by Tashi Mannox on the sacredness of Tibetan writing and iconography in Tibetan Buddhism and its function in the practice of Dharma. For this purpose, he will draw from the teachings he received from his masters, Akong Rinpoche and Sherab Palden Beru – Price : 5 €

    If you are unable to join because of location – You may like to sign up and work remotely with Wisdom Academy online tutorials of Tibetan Calligraphy. A short introduction can be viewed and enrol here.

    Recommended specialised pens can be ordered prior to the workshops form the links provided below:

    For the beginner learning the art of Tibetan calligraphy and for the ease of using a cartridge pen, there is the ‘Tibetan set’ of Tak çıkar uçlar – four sizes, 2 to 6 mm, of replacements nibs for the trusty Pilot Parallel pens. also available from Pratik Pen company here.

    Pilot Parallel pens are widely available online and at your local stationary/art material suppliers.

    For the more accomplished calligrapher, both the Uchen and Umé writing style dip in ink ‘Pratik Pen’ sets are available – please follow the link here. 

    €130 for one weekend, discount @ €220 for both weekends.

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