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    Tashi Mannox

    A Webiner Seminar

    Tapping into Our Creativity for Contemplation and Joy With Tashi Mannox

    Date: 25 September 2022

    Tune in for this next event – *CCN are honoured to present a webiner with artist and Buddhist yogi Tashi Mannox.

    Relying on his own vast experience as a master of Tibetan calligraphy and a Buddhist contemplative, Tashi will explore the topic of creativity inherently present in our own mind.

    • How do we access the deeper layers of creative energy?
    • Is creative activity only limited to working with art, and does good art only come from an attempt to process pain?
    • How do we use our creative endeavours to share our basic goodness with the world?

    This exploration would be of equal benefit to those who are involved in any artistic endeavour and those who simply want to enhance their creative spark.

    To join by Zoom please follow the link here.

    *CCN – The Contemplative Consciousness Network – is an international network with charitable status which is dedicated to the development and practice of contemplative science.

    This event continues their series of webinars with esteemed guest speakers: researchers, scholars, contemplatives and respected teachers from different traditions of practice. In the previous events in this series, they have explored the topics of preventing burnout, formulating a coherent vision for our path, and using joy to enrich our life.

    photo – Kris Pawlowski

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