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    Tashi Mannox
    The Beauty of Change – art print

    The Beauty of Change – art print

    The Tibetan word for impermanence: me rtag pa is depicted vertically stacked and intertwined amid lotus flowers, their five buds representing pride, jealousy, attachment, stupidity and anger, in different stages of bloom and decay.

    From a Buddhist perspective, the law of impermanence is an absolute truth. Our inability to accept both internal and external change can be a source of great suffering. Conversely, change is also the agent which brings an end to both positive and negative emotions and experiences. Either way, attempting to control impermanence is ultimately fruitless.

    The transformative opportunity of these five negative emotions can be realised as five wisdoms, represented by the Five Buddha Families.

    Each print is hand-signed, sealed and numbered to the limited edition of 50.

    Available in two print sizes:

    • Large Print – 68 x 50 cm

    • Medium Print – 50 x 34 cm


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