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    Tashi Mannox
    Le Grand Banc Enso

    Le Grand Banc Enso

    In conclusion to a week long Yoga – Meditation and Creativity retreat in Provence, France, last October 2022.

    This Ensō art piece was especially created by Tashi as a final demonstration to the 16 present participants, who all partook in creating their own Ensō creations, as a daily exercise, in support of engendering the right view and practice during sitting Meditation.

    This mindful ritual of creating an Ensō originates from the Japanese Zen tradition. A practice which naturally challenges the practitioner to be in an undistracted present state of nowness during its creation, observing the grasping tendency of fear and expectation – qualities one would observe and tame as a mediator.

    It is taught that “perfection is in the imperfection” as there should be no attachment to the created Ensō, resulting beautiful or ugly, but a mere recording of that moment in time, which nakedly reveals the state of mind, honest and pure.

    If you are interested to attend such a retreat this spring 2023, please contact Tashi to apply.

    The ritual of Ensō at Le Grand Banc


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