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    Tashi Mannox
    Meditation Mudra

    Meditation Mudra

    The practice of meditation involves a number of qualities, such as to train attention and awareness, to achieve a mentally clear and stable state. None of which would be easy or even possible without the fundamental quality of being peacefully calm.

    The practice of abiding in a calm yet alert state, in Sanskrit is called shamatha in Tibetan pronounced shi-nay which is the founding quality of any meditation practice.

    Inspired by detail of Buddha’s hands in meditation mudra/posture, this calligraphy piece is like an emblem of meditation, as well as that circular completeness of an ensō, which within, is scribed the the words ‘calm abiding’ in a contemporary cursive Drutsa script, as if emanating from that one-pointed focused at the tip of the nearly touching thumbs.

    The line of smaller calligraphy below simply translates as ‘practice meditation’. A simple reminder of what we should do on a regularly every day basis. However, the literal translation is much more insightful and what can be accomplished through dedicated meditation – The first word drub means to attain, accomplish. The second word samten means absorption, meditative concentration, which in Sanskrit is Dhyana.


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