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    Tashi Mannox
    Kalachakra Monogram

    Kalachakra Monogram

    Commissioned in 2021, this thangka like application of the Kālacakra monogram is a composition of careful consideration.

    Featuring miraculous dream-like elements, such as rainbows and rainbow clouds, the moon and the sun. From the mists of an abundant lake endowed with eight special qualities of pure water, rise as clouds, which like a mirage – spell out Tibetan Uchen letters ha cha ma la wa ra ya in their corresponding colours, which flank either side the main Lantsa Sanskrit Kālacakra monogram of the same interlocking syllables – emblazoned on a multicoloured lotus flower.

    Accompanied on both sides are the Lantsa syllables eh ཨེ་ and vam ཝཾ་ representing the indivisible union of skilful-means and wisdom.

    The complexity of Kālacakra is know as the highest of all the tantras, where there are some differences between the various Tibetan lineages.

    The textual resources for this rendition, forms the basic description and symbolism of the monogram given from the Vimalaprabhā, as commentary to the fifth verse of the first chapter of the Kālacakra Tantra.

    These refer mainly to three categories: outer, inner and other. Outer refers to the physical world, inner refers to the vajra-kāya – the Kālacakra conception of the mind-body, and other refers to the path and result of Kālacakra meditation.


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