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    Tashi Mannox
    Immaculate Ushnisha Mantra

    Immaculate Ushnisha Mantra

    Known as the Immaculate Ushnisha mantra – གཙུག་ཏོར་དྲི་མེད། This sublime mantra  deeply embossed in Lantsa Sanskrit script with beautiful textural effect.

    Pronounced: om pemo ush-nih-sha bi-ma-le hum phat

    This particular purification mantra is traditionally displayed on a decorated temple beam or more often above a doorway. It is said that the mantra has the power to bless and cleanse anyone who passes beneath, which therefore unofficially nicknamed the ‘mind your head mantra’.

    The formed emboss quality of this piece demonstrates the formless quality of a mantra. As the changing quality of light direction throughout a day, may casts shadow to different degree of illumination, somethings defining the form of the mantra clearly and other times the mantra is seen to disappear altogether.


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