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    Tashi Mannox
    Embossed Ah roundel

    Embossed Ah roundel

    For the non-dual minded *Dzogchen practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, the white syllable ཨ་ represents primordial purity of mind, the spontaneous presence of completeness and essential transmission of the enlightened state.

    This syllable symbolises one’s primordial pure nature of mind, in vibration sound quality of ‘Aa’ pure stainless luminosity blinding out delusion – like the sun melts frost.

    To express the pure, simple quality of this syllable ཨ་, the formed emboss of this piece demonstrates the formless nature of a sacred syllable. As the changing quality of light direction throughout a day, may casts shadow to different degrees of illumination, somethings defining the form clearly and other times the syllable is seen to disappear altogether.

    *Dzogchen “Great Perfection” in Sanskrit this is atiyoga – अतियोग

    The Spanish hand-laid roundel paper of this piece is reminiscent of the halo aura of the syllable Aa. It is recommended to frame this piece float-mounted within a box framed, to allow space between the glass and emboss, as well as show the deckled halo edge of the roundel paper.

    Issued with this artwork is a Certificate of Authentication with description, which serves as provenance, as well as a recipe of value for insurance purposes.


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