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    Tashi Mannox
    EhWam Sky and Water study

    EhWam Sky and Water study

    This iconic symbol is highly sacred in meaning, comprised of two Wartu Sanskrit character monogram: eh ཨེ་ and vam ཝཾ་ equaled in Power to that of the highest Kalachakra Tantra monogram.

    Pronounced eh-wam in Tibetan, this syllable is often found placed respectfully high above doorways, on beams and exterior walls of temples and households, to emanate its blessed integrity. Believed to be effective as a protection and in bringing peace and harmony to the environment it is displayed.

    Originally created on canvas as a study piece in 2006. This has since been successfully re-created as a superb quality limited edition giclée print.

    Each print is hand gilded is 23.6 ct gold leaf, and made individual to each other with the addition of the artists seals.


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