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    Tashi Mannox

    Wisdom Keeper of The Contemplative Studies Program

    The American based Contemplative Studies Program is led by Dr. Miles Neale.

    The focus of the CSP is to pursue awakening along the lam rim, or Gradual Path of Tibetan Buddhism, which is over a thousand years old. The lam rim is the most comprehensive and systematic presentation of Buddhist teachings ever created. Enlightenment is not an all-or-nothing event, rather an incremental process of unfolding.

    Tashi Mannox is on the advisory board of the Contemplative Studies Program. providing specialised guidance and visualisation instruction on their particular སྒྲུབ་ཐབས་ Sādhana practices to aid Spiritual Awakening on the Gradual Path of Tibetan Buddhism.

    The CSP recently launched their new Wisdom Keeper Podcasts, inviting elders, mentors, yogis, scholars, and holders of sacred knowledge committed to guiding us through a process of spiritual transformation.

    In this below podcast, a warm and lengthy introduction is given by Dr. Miles Neale, followed by a particularly relaxed and intimate interview with Tashi Mannox:

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