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    Tashi Mannox

    Participant of The 13th World Calligraphy Jeonbuk Biennale in South Korea.

    At the invitation of the 세계서예전북비엔날레 Jeon-Buk Calligraphy Biennale in South Korea held 5th November – 5th December 2021

    This fresh new piece called ‘Natural Occurring Realm’ was especially created and joined hundreds of other calligraphy masterpieces at this years 13th international exhibition based on the theme of ‘embrace nature’.

    The main free brushed cursive calligraphy in golden-black ink translates as ‘self-arising’ – set within a golden glowing orb, the letters resemble an embryo, poised like the sun, above a solid foundation of a five coloured word meaning materialising force or realm. This foundational word also represents the five elements in their five corresponding colours –
    Yellow – Earth
    Blue – Water
    Red – Fire
    Green – Wind
    White – Space
    – on which all composite things are based, including our own flesh and blood.

    The line of small calligraphy at the bottom of the piece gives the title of the artwork in Uchen as well as in Umé script translating as ‘the expanse of absolute reality – Dharmadhatu’.

    Created in sumi ink and natural Japanese mineral pigments on hand-laid Bhutanese desho paper. 59 x 82 cm – Tashi Mannox 2021

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