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    Tashi Mannox
    Vajrayogini Mantra with bija mandala

    Vajrayogini Mantra with bija mandala

    There are many Sādhanas of Vajrayogini, which may differ with their seed syllables etc, including those according to Saraha, Nāgārjuna, Luyipa, Jalandhar and Śavarī. This particular lineage I am representing belongs to the Karma Kagyu tradition, with it’s particular Vajrayogini lineage originating from Naropa.

    This especially commissioned artwork represents a snap-in-time during the development stage of visualisation, in particular relating to the inner practice of ‘The Mandala -puja Sādhana of Shri Sahaji Vajrayogini’ composed by Pal Tsukla Tremgwa – The Second Powa Rinpoche.

    In this instance the essence syllable of Vajrayogini is a red hrīḥ with her retinue of four wisdom Dakinis of the four directions; their seed syllables starting with a blue ha in the Eastern quarter, then followed clockwise to a yellow ri, a red ni in the western quarter and a green sa in the Northen quarter.
    There is also swirling coils of joy outlined in gold which spin with the curls and fronds of a background floral pattern, typically featured in mandala decoration.


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