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    A celebration of the annual April 30th Tibetan Calligraphy day.
    Tibetan Calligraphy Collective

    Tibetan Calligraphy Collective

    A Celebration of Tibetan Calligraphy

    This piece consists a calligraphy composite of three distinct script styles – illustrating the diversity of the Tibetan writing systems as well as the traditional proportionate structure, on which a heading character and the first four letters of the Tibetan alphabet are placed bottom of the artwork in the Classical Uchen script.

    To the right is their equivalent letters of Phags-pa Mongolian/Tibetan seal script called Horyig. Both scripts in earth mineral pigment, with the second letter ཁ་ also meaning ‘word or speech’ highlighted in pure gold leaf to bring attention to their equivalents.

    The first upper calligraphy is the cursive Umé script, scribed using iron-gall ink, which titles the piece as ’Tibetan calligraphy festival’ referring to the celebrated collection of the many Tibetan calligraphy masters  who are represented in Paris for the the 15th edition of this leading scientific event. in the field of Tibetology.

    This piece was donated to the Lasti Library of Tibetan works in NYC.


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