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    Tashi Mannox
    The Creation Stage of Vajrasattva

    The Creation Stage of Vajrasattva

    The challenge of this commissioned art-piece based on Vajrasattva sadhana; is because just about everything described in the Vajrasattva visualisation practice is white in colour, such as the Vajra and the seed syllable hum.

    Therefore different materials are used to illustrate white on white or silver on silver, to give coherent definition.
    For this reason the syllable hūṃ and other syllables are achieved with a long patient process by applying layers liquid gesso. Then to polish the gesso and gilded with Palladium leaf, and finally burnish with a hematite tool; to a bright shine – to pop out from the silver white Vajra.

    Light blue/grey shade of ink is especially mixed for the 100 syllable mantra itself, as pitch black ink would have been far too overpowering of the delicate silver and rainbow halo colours – all intentionally iridescent to aid ones development stage visualisation of this Vajrasattva practice.


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