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    Tashi Mannox
    Rainbow Cloud study, Bhutan

    Rainbow Cloud study, Bhutan

    For many years Tashi learnt the art of traditional Tibetan temple decoration as an apprentice under Master of Tibetan art, Sherab Palden Beru, during the building of the Samye Ling temple in Scotland.

    Sherab Palden explained that the use of rich colours and patterns was based on the precious jewels described in the construction of a celestial mandala palace – to uplift and inspire, as well as to celebrate and honour the house of Dharma – such as this joyful rainbow cloud design.

    Specific colour combinations are combined as complementary warm and cool hues, such as in simple terms: cool blue colours are set next to warm orange and cool green hues are set next to warm reds.

    Then there is the tone of colours, meaning how much white is mixed into the pure darker pigments.
    Which in the case of these rainbow clouds, all the light, middle and dark shades/tones need to be as equally balanced in tone as possible.
    Starting with the yellow and orange hues as the lead to mix the blues and green and red tones. As yellow is naturally bright in tone without needing to be mixed with white.


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