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    Tashi Mannox
    Om Ye Dharma

    Om Ye Dharma

    The syllables ye dharmā illuminated here in gold leafed Uchen script. This in essence is a summary of Dharma, which is also named the Dependent Origination dharani – mantra of Pratītyasamutpādahṛdaya – རྟེན་འབྲེལ་སྙིང་པོ་

    Representing an auspicious beginning to the mantra is the syllable oṃ in Lantsa Sanskrit, created in gesso and palladium leafed and surrounded by a halo of mica ink.

    The surrounding background is a typical Tibetan swirling leaf pattern found decorating Mandalas and Icons in general.

    Created as one of the Little Gem series of small and often illuminated artworks.

    Issued with this artwork is a Certificate of Authentication with description, which serves as provenance, as well as a recipe of value for insurance purposes.


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