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    Tashi Mannox
    Homage to Mahakala – art print

    Homage to Mahakala – art print

    Mahakala is a wisdom protector of the Dharma, a wrathful manifestation of the Buddha. A deity practice to over-come inner and outer obstacles, transforming anger into compassion.

    He has three bulging eyes representing an all seeing past, present and future.

    Teeth like letters spell out Mahakala – literally meaning ‘great black one’, in a stylised Uchen script, while prayers of invocation surround and cover the face.

    Each print is hand gilded with 23.6 ct gold leaf, signed and numbered to the limited edition of 50. Available in three sizes:

    • Full size Print – 67 x 50 cm

    • Medium Print 50 x 37.5 cm

    • Small size Print 40 x 30 cm


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