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    Tashi Mannox
    Golden Kagyu Garland

    Golden Kagyu Garland

    Known as the Golden Garland or Rosary, representing the continuous unbroken flow from the time of the historical Buddha, passed on though each master to disciple. Known as the Kagyu Lineage – This supplication prayer invokes the Dhagpo line of Oral Transmission, who have realised the deep path of mahamudra:

    ‘Great Dorje Chang (in blue), Tilopa, Nāropa, Marpa, Milarépa, Prince of Dharma – Gampopa.  
    Knower of the three times – Karmapa and his (heart) sons, along with all the Kagyu Lamas I pray.’

    Much preparation is needed to compose such a piece – the prayer itself was written out several times over, using different nib types and sizes, as well as different inks – to establish just the right size lettering and flow of ink, to fit beautifully smart within the confines of the ring of golden beads.

    Working out the circumference form the radius size, then dividing up the circumference into 108 beads plus different sized quarter beads, was geometry gymnastics, all needed to be applied with the upmost careful precision – every step of the way demanded full attention with calm awareness.


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