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    Tashi Mannox
    Gold Embossed hum

    Gold Embossed hum

    This embossed syllable hūṃ piece was created to illuminate the sacred proportionate foundation of grid lines and central axis of the Tibetan Uchen script – providing a balance and harmonious composition.

    Gilding the embossed syllable hūṃ used white gold leaf for the crescent moon and red gold leaf for the sun-bindu and the bottom vowel sign.

    To protect the raised body the emboss, this piece is set in the depth of a surround mount, which has be skilfully cut to a decorative pointed top, reminiscent of traditional Tibetan shrine cupboard window frames.

    Created in collaboration with Bhutan based Malaya Jewelry design for their new gold, rose-gold or silver hūṃ pendants.


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