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    Tashi Mannox
    aloke Light offering mantra and prayer

    aloke Light offering mantra and prayer

    This light offering mantra is composed in Lantsa Sanskrit, with the purpose to decorate on a newly built butter-lamp house at Khenpo Namgyal’s school and home for orphaned and troubled family children.

    The mantra om banza aloke ah hum is usually vocalised with mudra hand-gesture when offering light, traditionally in the form of a butter lamp. This is accompanied with a short prayer scribed in Umé:

    Burning up misery and poisons, clarifying the darkness of ignorance,

    this glorious light of blazing wisdom,

    like the shining sun in a cloudless sky,

    light rays blaze throughout the ten directions bringing clarity –

    om sarwa tathagata benza aloke trati tsa punza megha samudra saparana samaye hum.

    Above the Sanskrit mantra are small corresponding mantra syllables in red Uchen script.

    Khenpo Namgyal single handedly established the Karma Leksheyling Foundation school on a remote scrub of land in upper Paro in Bhutan. In the matter of a few years he managed to clear the boulder strewn land and raise funds to build accommodation, kitchen and classrooms, as well as a small prayer hall and most beautiful prayer wheel house.

    Please visit this noble cause here.

    Issued with this artwork is a Certificate of Authentication with description, which serves as provenance, as well as a recipe of value for insurance purposes.


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