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    Tashi Mannox

    Appropriate pens for writing Tibetan 

    In recent years the Tibetan writing systems have taken to the international stage of calligraphy, with an ever growing popularity in this art-form, there is increasing need for appropriate writing tools.

    Pilot Parallel pens as well as the English made Automatic Pen have been the popular choice for writing Tibetan. Perfect square shaped nibs for scribing the Tibetan Umé script styles, however these pen types are only second best for writing the classical Tibetan Uchen script, which requires a shallow left sided oblique to write authentically.

    In response to growing popularity and lack of appropriate Tibetan Uchen writing implements, Tashi worked closely with the Turkish based Pratik Pen company to advise on the correct Tibetan writing specifications. This has resulted in the production of beautiful Tibetan calligraphy pen sets, for both Uchen and Umé writing styles.
    Arguably, this is the first time in the history of Tibetan written language that professional pens have been manufactured especially for the Tibetan calligraphy market.

    This is an ongoing collaboration with the Pratik Pen company and Tashi Mannox, with other new ranges of pens especially designed and manufactured for writing Tibetan in the pipeline. When these become available, it will be announced here.

    For the more accomplished calligrapher, both the Uchen and Umé writing style dip in ink ‘Pratik Pen’ sets are available – please follow the link here. 

    For the beginner learning the art of Tibetan calligraphy and for the ease of using a cartridge pen, there is the ‘Tibetan set’ of Tak çıkar uçlar – four sizes, 2 to 6 mm, of replacements nibs for the trusty Pilot Parallel pens. also available from Pratik Pen company here.

    Replaceable Tibetan nibs for Pilot Parallel pens
    Pratik Pens especially crafted for Tibetan Uchen writing.

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