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    Tashi Mannox

    Introducing a series of little gems

    This series is a collection of small illuminated artworks created over the past few years.

    A collection of small calligraphy pieces of richly coloured iconography, illuminating mantras, seed syllables and pearls of wisdom.

    Created with a range of highly crafted techniques, such as raised gesso characters in Sanskrit and Tibetan, embossed gold and palladium leaf gilding , on both Bhutanese desho paper and gesso board.

    Several original artworks of this series are available for purchase – selected for you here.

    One of these gems: ‘Halo Aa Amid Clouds’  is also available as a special limited edition print series of 30 only – each print is hand-gilded with palladium-leaf, signed, edition numbered and stamped with the artist red seal – see here.

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