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    Tashi Mannox
    Transformation – art print

    Transformation – art print

    The word སྤྲུལ་བསྒྱུར་ meaning Transformation is calligraphed in the free form of Drutsa Tibetan calligraphy. This word is incised over a foliage composition of three utpala blue lotus flowers. These represent the past, present and future, the utpala lotus an attribute of the goddess Tara.

    In Eastern iconography, the lotus flower is symbolic of purity and is considered an example of transformation. As the plant feeds and benefits from the decaying organic matter below, transforming into a glorious flower bloom, which stands high and proud above the water surface, un-splashed by the (Samsaric) bustle of pond life.

    Each print is hand-signed, sealed and numbered to the limited edition of 50.

    Available in two print sizes:

    • Large Print – 67 x 50 cm

    • Medium Print – 50 x 36.5 cm


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