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    Tashi Mannox
    The Four Contemplations – art print sets

    The Four Contemplations – art print sets

    The Four Contemplations, are for the Tibetan Buddhist, traditionally meditated upon as a preliminary practice in order to develop and further a firm spiritual foundation.

    To appreciate and fully understand each of these fundamentals, establishes wholesome values in life and spiritual practice.

    1 – Precious Human Birth – Appreciate and value precious life, as it is difficult to obtain and easily lost. Featuring a seed, the essence of life, which uncoils in growth, delicate, precious and whole. This swirling Bindu shape holds the words ‘precious human birth’ in a Tibetan Drutsa script.

    2 – Impermanence – Letters that spell impermanence མི་རྟག་པ are crafted in the normally vertically upright Tibetan Tsugring script, as if toppling to fall. Each character fades to decay at the base, peppered with small dancing skeletons. Even the artist’s seal is broken into two halves.

    3 – Karma, Cause and Effect – The accumulation of karma, be it positive or negative, is shown here in small letters translating as ’cause and effect’, heaped upon the word ‘Karma‘ in the Uchen script.

    4 – Samsara, cyclic existence – Featuring a flowing Tibetan Tsugthung script of ‘cyclic existence‘ which repeats relentlessly to no end – such is the nature of Samsara.

    These four topic have been individually interpreted to illustrate their meaning, which are intended to be visually thought-provoking reminders of such essential values.

    A limited edition of 50, these print sets of four are available in two sizes:

    Full – 50 x 67 cm

    Medium – 37.5 x 50 cm


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