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    Tashi Mannox
    Laughing in the Face of Death – print set

    Laughing in the Face of Death – print set

    Impermanence is a fundamental truth. Facing this truth; Tibetan Buddhists generally have a more accepting and positive attitude toward the inevitability of death. The skull in Tibetan iconography represents impermanence and often depicted laughing.

    The Tibetan laughing skull was Tashi’s initial inspiration for the five skull series, which show happy, almost manic grinning skulls. Each of these emanating a different emotion, from a wrathful through to a more peaceful expression.

    This set of paintings migrate from the black skull of death through to re-birth symbolised by the blossoming blue skull. This ‘between stage’ is known as the bardo in Tibetan.

    Each of these different negative emotions can also be explained as transformative opportunities, from these five ‘mind poisons’ into ‘five wisdoms’, which each are affiliated with the Five ‘Buddha families’.

    This is a popular Tibetan Buddhist theme, which Tashi has illuminated to his own representation; drawn from his training in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and iconography.

    A Buddhist practitioner, a Yogi or Yogini, strives to live without harming others and themselves. Knowing this, having led a full and meaningful life. At their poignant time of death, they are thus able to look into the face of death confidently, without any regrets, laughing fearlessly. 

    For such a practitioner the time of death is the greatest opportunity.

    However, as a non-practitioner, we may not know ourselves so well, we are ignorant, and fear death, the ultimate unknown.

    Tashi Mannox

    Each size print is gilded with 23.6ct gold and palladium leaf. hand signed, sealed and limited edition numbered of 50.

    Available in three print size dimensions:

    • Full size – 67 x 50 cm – heavily gilded with 23.6ct gold and palladium leaf.

    • Medium size – 50 x 36.7 cm – partially gilded with 23.6ct gold and palladium leaf.

    • Small – 40 x 29.7 cm – Sun and moon gilded with 23.6ct gold and palladium leaf.


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