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    Tashi Mannox
    Continuous Interdependence

    Continuous Interdependence

    Belonging to the Japanese Zen tradition, an ensō is created from the basis of a meditative calm state.

    This particular ensō is calligraphed below in cursive Tibetan Umé script: ‘Continuous Interdependence’ – རྒྱུན་ཆགས་པའི་རྟན་འབྲེལ།

    According to the practice of creating an ensō, there should be no hesitation in this creative application, but engendered a fearless an attitude with no expectation, just as with meditation.

    As once the brush loaded with ink strikes the paper, there is nothing more to do but follow through in undistracted nowness, yet mastering control of the arm and hand from the core of one’s being in heart and mind.

    The end result of the ensō is simply a recorded moment in time. Any distraction in the mind during its creation is clearly seen in the end result. However the point is in its meditative creation rather than with judgment or opinion of the end result. It is as it is, with perfection in the imperfection.

    As explained here:


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