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    Tashi Mannox
    5. Laughing in the Face of  Ignorance – art print

    5. Laughing in the Face of Ignorance – art print

    Blue represents emptiness. Through taming our mind it is possible to attain insight as a means to liberate from stupidity.

    Ignorance is the root of all four other emotions, as described in this series as: Anger, Attachment, Pride and Jealousy.

    This is the freedom of wisdom, symbolised here by the blooming buds of potential.

    Best appreciated as the Laughing in the Facer of Death series of five skulls, each piece has individual meaning which are interrelated to each other.

    Each print is hand signed, sealed and limited edition numbered of 100.

    Available in three print size dimensions:

    • Full size – 67 x 50 cm

    • Medium size – 50 x 36.7 cm

    • Small – 40 x 29.7 cm


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